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I am Jim Brann a resident of Hampton Park in Gateway and a candidate for Gateway Services Community Development District Board of Supervisors, Seat 4.  Vote for me November 6.

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I have engaged with the Gateway Services CDD Board of Supervisors many times in the last three years.  Urging them to:

  • Convert all Gateway Street lights to LED,
  • Modernize Gateway's Storm Water Management Systems, 
  • Install LED Streetlights on Griffin Drive and add shields,
  • Takeover  Hampton Park Storm Lake System from Lennar,
  • Request WCI / Lennar to convey the 'linear park' along Gateway Blvd. to GSCDD, and much, much more.  

 Vote for me November 6 for Seat 4 Supervisor in Gateway!ppl

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Your HOA should be willing to sponsor a "Meet the Candidates" event in September or October.  Ask your Property Manager or HOA Board to do so!

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Jim Brann is a Candidate for Seat 4 Supervisor in Gateway

I am a candidate for Gateway Board of Supervisors , Seat  4.  If elected I will serve YOU with energy, knowledge and INTEGRITY.  Vote for Jim Brann November 6.

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Jim, You have proven to be caring, knowledgeable, and resourceful since we first met serving together on the Hampton Park Board of Directors. Your common sense is exceptional. Working together, you have kept communication open and direct while taking on tasks that had purpose. I have trust and confidence in you as you continue to work to make Hampton Park a better place. If anyone ever has any question regarding your integrity, please have them contact me at (617) 640-3254.

Sincerely, Shaun Gillis; Previously WCI Communities

June 6, 2018 

Good Evening Jim,

I apologize that I did not get the proper opportunity to say goodbye tonight and thank you for inviting us to stay.  You have done such a great job as the Resident Director (twice) and in preparing this community for the turnover.  Your commitment has been true and through.  All I heard from the owners and candidates this evening after the meeting were of the same feelings on your endless work and support for the community.  You aren’t done yet, but I do look forward to working with you further on whatever level you choose after 7/31; whether CDD, advisory to the HP Board, maybe even future Board Member to Hampton…or just enjoying life as a resident!  Regardless, it has been such a pleasure and I look forward to supporting you and Hampton over the next months through turnover and many to come, hopefully.  Questions about Jim, call me at (636) 542-1222  Sarah Mabrey, Castle Group