Elect Jim Brann in Gateway; Seat 4 Supervisor

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If elected I am  committed to keep Gateway taxes as low as possible, improve storm water management systems; confirm that lake restoration is needed; FIX major issues in Parks & Recreation facilities; add color to landscaping and communicate often with the community.

My mission is to do all I can working with other Board supervisors, staff and the community to improve the quality of life in Gateway.

Everything I do will be done with the highest integrity and transparency.

I have more than 40 years experience as a Director of Sales and Sales Engineering providing complex solutions to Fortune 1500 corporations and Federal, state and local government.  I also worked multiple years as an independent consultant providing Strategic Management solutions. Finally, I have significant experience as an HOA Board Director in my community.

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I am committed to improve Gateway!  If elected I will work tirelessly with my counterparts, the staff and the community.  I will communicate with you frequently and invite you to tell me what you are concerned about. Turn your volume up and watch!

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Elect Jim Brann Seat 4 Supervisor in Gateway

One page summary of what I will do if elected, accomplishments and background.

Jim Brann BIO for GSCDD Board_with PIC (docx)